Duette ® Blinds


Honeycomb or Duette ® blinds offer a sleek and sophisticated solution for every room in the home and can work with almost any window shape, from vertical and tilted to conservatory, dormer and glass wall. Duette ® blinds can sit anywhere in the window – top, bottom or middle for ultimate control of privacy and are also great for shielding a TV or eyes from the glare of the sun.
Available in a wide assortment of fabrics and colours Duette ® blinds come in three different transparencies to give precise light control and privacy. The unique honeycomb structure is designed to trap air inside, giving them valuable insulation properties that make them ideal for keeping out summer heat or winter chill. Durable and easy to clean, they are compatible with motorised / WiFi control for ultimate convenience, with no visible lift cords to create a clean effect.

Day and Night Duette ® blinds

A unique two-in-one installation allows you to combine contrasting fabrics, with seemingly endless options. Your Duette® blinds can be fitted with two different levels of transparency, giving them your own personal approach.

Moving and tilted windows

Normal blinds would be very awkward on a tilt and turn window. Fortunately Duette® blinds have a superb solution and they’re fixed onto the frame, so that they move with the window.

Free Hanging Duette ® blinds

The Duette® blind range is available in three different opacities, giving you the ultimate control for light and privacy. They provide excellent style and sophistication, with no visible lift cords to create a clean effect.

Energy saving Duette ® blinds

Energy efficiency is a hot topic, so it’s certainly the right time to do something about it and protect your expenses. If you are fed up of your expensive energy bills then you may want to have a Duette® energy saving window blind fitted, to provide you with the solution you need.

The blinds help you to keep your home warmer in the winter by keeping up to 46% more heat inside. This means you won’t need to turn up the thermostat so often, saving on those heating bills. For warmer summer months, Duette® energy saving blinds are just as clever, blocking up to 78% of the outside solar heat to keep your home cooler.

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