Apex Window Curtains

Solutions for Apex Window Curtains

An architect designed, full wall, shaped window looks amazing, but it can cause many dilemmas when it comes to dressing it with a curtain or blind. Many coastal holiday homes have these stunning windows, and we have created many solutions for them and are happy to help you. Book one of our curtain experts to find the right solution for you. They will measure up too, taking away all the hassle and giving you a quote that includes fitting.

Apex windows are elegant windows which allow a lot of light into a room. Most types of window treatment are suitable, and they also present an opportunity to use either static or fixed headings, with the curtains held open either by tie-backs, ombra (stylish hold backs) or Italian stringing. Apex windows also require fixed headings and again the curtains will need to be held open in some way.

To Italian string curtains, six or more rings are sewn into the lining side of the curtain, set in from the leading edges. Cords are threaded through the rings up to screw eyes on the underside of the pelmet board and secured onto a cleat hook at the side of the curtain.  When the curtains are lifted the top remains stationary, while the sides lift up and away – as they do in a theatre.