Wave Curtains

Why We Love Wave Curtains

A wave curtain header blends easy styling with practical benefits for a laid-back look that’s tailor-made for modern living. The wave header gathers the curtain fabric into softly rippling folds making it perfect for creating a relaxed and informal feel within the home. Since wave curtains are fitted to a slim, discreet track, they are suitable for really tall windows, bay windows or any window where there is limited space above the window to fit a pole. If you wish, your wave curtains can be fitted to the ceiling instead of the window frame, making your windows feel taller and grander than they really are.

The unstructured style of a wave header means that your curtains fold up really neatly when they’re fully drawn. So if you value the view from your window, or if you have a limited amount of wall space either side of your window, wave curtains are an ideal choice. This simple styling also shows off large pattern repeats to their best advantage, so if you’ve got your eye on a statement print, then a wave curtain header is for you. The are perfect for coastal properties where sea views are premium and where you may want two curtains, a sheer one for privacy or to take the sun glare away, and one on the outside for cosiness.

How do Wave Curtains work?

A wave curtain is a neat and stylish curtain heading system by Silent Gliss. It is created through combining a specially designed heading tape and a Wave glider-cord contained within the track, which limits the extension of the curtain fabric to get a soft continuous wave effect. The finished appearance is similar to that of eyelet curtains, but the fabric hangs directly below the track in an undulating and uniform style.

Wave curtains has some key advantages over traditional curtain heading systems:

  • Minimised curtain stack (bulk)
  • Simple and elegant curtain dressing
  • Uniform wave throughout the whole curtain
  • Minimalist in appearance
  • Suits traditional and modern interiors
  • Compatible with pelmets